Our Mission

To bridge the STEM gap by leveraging Pure Math concepts to enhance awareness, expand STEM vocabulary, and knowledge towards academic STEM. Pure Math refers to concepts used in both Science & Art such as Hair Braiding = Braid theory.


My unconventional journey to STEM

Emalia Denoon

Academic STEM Gap || Activist Speaker ||

Two decades into my career, I stumbled upon a fascinating discovery about myself: I had STEM aptitude— a field that always eluded me. This realization was not just a personal awakening that I may not be living up to my career and earning potential. As a single mom with small children, that was bone-chilling. It also sparked a deep curiosity about the so-called 'STEM gap'—the disconnect between potential learners and their engagement with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Driven by curiosity to support my children towards STEM, my journey turned towards intensive research around the STEM gap. To further validate my STEM aptitude, I decided to pursue a STEM Master's degree and made an unexpected connection: Hair Braiding and Braid Theory in mathematics are, astonishingly, expressions of the same fundamental principles. This revelation was a light-bulb moment, that the STEM gap is due to a lack of knowledge NOT a lack of aptitude. Like many, I thought the STEM gap was a lack of blacks in the field. According to the National Science Foundation, the under-represented in STEM are women of all races, individuals with disabilities, and blacks. With a newfound passion fueled by this insight, I founded STEM, Braids & Beyond— to enhance STEM literacy among the underrepresented in STEM fields. STEM, Braids & Beyond aims to inspire K-12 students towards academic STEM in High School and Higher Ed. Understanding that socio-economics also impacts family access to funding STEM opportunities for kids, I work to inspire parents and adults toward STEM. As the founder of STEM, Braids, and Beyond, and the holder of multiple patents—a rarity, given that women represent less than 1% of individual patent holders—I embody a unique intersection of creativity, innovation, and advocacy. In sharing my story—from a curious outsider to a patented inventor and advocate for STEM Literacy—I aim to illustrate that the paths to STEM are as diverse as the individuals who walk them. Through my work, I seek not only to educate but to inspire, challenging traditional narratives about who belongs in the world of STEM and showing that, sometimes, the most profound connections are found in the most unexpected places.


Trifecta Effect: Community based approach to addressing the academic STEM Gap

  • Academic STEM Fun & games

    for the under-represented in STEM, [Defined as women, individuals w/disabilities & blacks] _________________________________________ Did someone say STEM: Bingo, Trivia & Jeopardy & lots more games!!! _________________________________________ Let's have academic STEM Fun because the games have just begun!!!

  • Who We Serve

    Middle & High Schools, Education & Community organizations, Colleges & Universities, Corporations _______________________________ PROGRAMS: Stand-alone digital plug-and-play courses, Train-the-Trainer ______________________________________ Ask about our Braiding using Pattern Recognition Activity

  • K-12 to College

    Educators: Educating Leaders on cultural STEM competencies. _______________________________________ Parents: Empowering Parents to navigate STEM beyond the acronym. _______________________________________ Students: Inspiring K-12 students to STEM through academics to AP classes to Universities.


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